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About Us

        John Baxendale
         Master Luthier

John has been interested in wood working since he was ten years old. He began working on guitars with his father, Scott Baxendale.  He started in 1996 at his father’s little shop in the Denver Folklore Center repairing old Kay and Harmony student model guitars. In 1998 he helped with the start-up of the Colfax Guitar Shop, where he worked part time through high school. In 2001 he assumed full-time responsibility at the shop handling a majority of the repair work. During his nine years at Colfax Guitar Shop he repaired more than four thousand instruments. He also restored many antique and vintage guitars including several pre-war Martins, pre-CBS Strats and Teles. While at the Colfax Guitar Shop John started building his own guitars that were greatly inspired by his restoration work on fine instruments.

In 2009 John decided to venture out on his own and opened the Colorado Guitar Company which houses his handmade and custom JC Baxendale guitars.  His approach in building guitars is to maintain traditional aesthetics, but he thoroughly enjoys consulting with a client to achieve a unique design.  John takes great pride in his work and he is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. His dedication to his work is unmatched and as one of John's loyal customers points out, "If it takes 10,000 hours to become a master at ones trade then John easily has 40,000!"
On a personal note, John originated in Garland, Texas but has lived in Denver since 1994.  He now resides in Evergreen, CO with his wife and 2 children. When he is not doing something guitar related you will find him eating or sleeping. If he had time for leisure activities he would hang out with his family, fly fish, golf, or watch baseball.

Tony Luke

Working Apprentice

A guitar player and performer in and around the Denver scene for twenty years, Tony was “lucky” to have gotten involved in the guitar repair business. Wanting to learn how to set-up and repair his own guitars, he turned to longtime friend Eric Deyoe, an expert repairman and luthier. Tony apprenticed under Eric for over a year and found the work something he’d like to pursue.  After a fortunate turn of events, Tony was invited to apprentice at the Colorado Guitar Company under master luthier John Baxendale.  He has been honing his guitar repair skills at Colorado Guitar Company for about 2 years now and looks forward to the day he can be considered a luthier. Tony is grateful to be working with John whom he considers, “the finest luthier in the state of Colorado”.

 Tony resides in Denver, CO and loves spending time with his wonderful wife and their ten year old son.  He finds gratification in his work at the Colorado Guitar Company and enjoys playing the guitar in his Denver blues band, “The Outliers”.