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Repair Price List


Glue loose frets down, level and re-crown frets, tighten loose parts, re-cut nut slots, adjust bridge height and intonation, buff and oil finger board, clean finish, and restring instrument.

90 day warranty

Re-frets - $325

(Fender Maple Neck add $50)

Pull old frets, plain fingerboard if necessary, install and glue in new frets, file and shape to neck, includes a new nut and setup.

Playability guaranteed

Crack Repair - estimate only

Humidify guitar to close crack, glue and cleat crack, fill crack, and touch up finish.

Lifetime warranty with customer's responsibility to keep instrument humidified.

Loose Braces - estimate only

Glue and clamp brace and clean excess glue around brace.

Lifetime warranty

Bone nut
- $65 each

Hand fit bone blank to guitar, sand and buff bone, and adjust to correct height.


Hand fit Bone Saddle, adjust to correct height Will compensate if necessary.

Bridge Repair 
- $60

Glue and fill minor cracks in bridge.

Lifetime warranty with customer’s responsibility to keep instrument humidified.

Bridge Re-glue
- $100

Remove loose bridge, clean old glue, re-fit to top, glue in proper location.

Lifetime warranty

Bridge Replacement
- $250

Replace existing bridge with a new handmade bridge (includes full setup and bone saddle)

Lifetime warranty with customers’ responsibility to keep instrument humidified.


Pickup Install
 - $60 simple or $120 with preamp

Electronic Repair
- estimate only + parts

Re-solder loose or broken wires, clean pots, switches, and jack, and replace parts if necessary.

- $90 + parts

Re-wire guitar with new switch craft parts (pots, switches, and jack).

Finish Touch-ups - estimate only

Lacquer stick or drop fill minor dings, level, and buff.

Refinish - $350 per section (top, sides, back, neck) / $700 entire guitar

Remove unfinished parts (bridge, pick guard, etc.), strip old finish, sand wood, re-lacquer, buff, and assemble.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Headstock Fracture - $175 minor touch-up / $275 overspray finish / $375 refinish neck with original color

Glue and clamp headstock, spline to reinforce break, and 3 choices on cosmetics.

All with lifetime warranty

Neck Re-set
 - $400 Martin & Gibson / $300 Harmony & Kay / estimate for other brands

Remove neck, re-fit neck to proper angle, and re-glue neck

Satisfaction guaranteed

Tuner Hole Restoration (vintage) - $150 + parts

Dowel modified tuner holes and re-drill to original size. Fill and touch-up non-original screw holes in back of headstock and fit vintage style gears.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Re-brace - $800 + parts

Remove neck, bridge, back, and old braces. Install pre-war Martin style bracing and assemble with neck set, re-fret, and new bridge.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Custom modifications - estimate only